Stress-free packing guide

We’ve all been there… 24 hours before going away and you’re yet to pack. Cue panic and the ensuing rush to put absolutely everything in a case. The result? Paying for excess luggage at the airport; realising you’ve packed a top that goes with nothing; or, worse still forgetting that great outfit on the back of the bedroom door.

Untitled design (9)
Stress-free packing is possible…

These have all happened to me. I hate feeling under prepared, but love going away so I’ve had to find my inner packing zen. This is what I’ve learnt…

  • Don’t overpack! Talk about stating the obvious… do you need four different varieties of the same white t-shirt? No, didn’t think so! I tend to pack outfits rather than separates. By working out what goes together, also gives me the option of mixing these up if the mood strikes me.
  • Stick to a simple palette. I love clothes, but when I am on holiday I don’t want to waste time choosing what to wear. I’d rather be sipping cocktails by the pool. To speed up the process, I  stick to a couple of colours – usually, white, navy blue and a bright pink or orange, which makes dressing in the morning far for more easier, and allows me to mix and match.
Untitled design (6)
Monochrome, orange and a hint of leopard print
  • Wash, iron and hang straightaway. My summer wear generally sits in a big IKEA under bed storage, so before a break I’ll do a big wash to get clothes ready and then a mammoth ironing session. As soon as I get to the hotel, I meticulously hang everything and empty my case as it always feels less stressful once that’s out of the way.
  • Accessorise. When it comes to accessories, the more the better. I love gold chains to dress up a simple white tee, or a colourful scarf to wear over a vest top. Accessories can transform a plain outfit.
A cocktail – the perfect accessory 😉



Bag everything up. I’ve always had a thing for canvas bags and use them for everything. I use them to store shoes in my suitcase, and also for my underwear and small accessories. I always take a linen bag for all my worn clothes as it’s easier to unpack and pop them in the washing machine as soon as I get home.


Untitled design (5)
Use small canvas bags to store jewellery
  • Shoes at the bottom. I always place my shoes at the bottom of the case and then layer clothes on top. Depending on the size of the case, I sometimes roll clothes but if space permits, I’ll keep layering. I’ll always leave my pyjamas at the top of the case, especially if I land somewhere late in the evening so I can hop straight into bed!
Untitled design (7)
You can never have too many shoes, except when you’re packing a suitcase!

What are your go-to packing tips? I’d love to hear them! Tweet me @writingmonkee.

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